Private Yoga Session   
Private Yoga classes are a very effective way to learn and practice yoga as you get the chance to address any personal goals/conditions as you need and you have the teacher's full attention so you can get support and guidance to deepen your practice in a safe and healthy environment.
Reiki Healing session  
Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing wherever needed (fatigue, pain reduction, mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing etc.).
Reiki is balancing to your whole system. When your body is balanced, your own self-healing mechanisms function at their very best.
Ayurvedic/Aromatheraphy bodywork (females only)  
This 2 hour theraphy body treatment is quite unique as it is a combination of yoga, reiki, ayurveda and aromassage.
In this session you will receive an enegergetic massage from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, balanced with silent moments of reiki healing.
The treatment can help boost your digestion, remove emotional blockages and soothe your skin, muscles and spirit.
During the session there will be used warm base oils together with essential oils which has been specifically chosen based on your needs.
Ear Acupuncture, Acu-seed therapy, Acupressure & Reflexology
It is possible to approach and treat all body issues from the ear.
A simple method that can be done in a few minutes and no clothes would need to be taken off.
You can be seated or lying after your preference during treatment.
Acu-seeds are small stick-on seeds applied to your ear for you to stimulate the points throughout the week whereas an acupressure/reflexology treatment will take 30-60min.
Cupping therapy 
Cupping is a combination of acupuncture and a deep-tissue massage as it focuses on the movement of blood in the body and the circulation of the life energy called prana/qi.
I work with plastic suction, silicone and/or glass fire cups.
The air inside the cup creates a vacuum when applied.
This causes the skin to rise and redden as the blood vessels expand. This suction helps open the pores and stimulates blood flow. Stagnant blood is drawn away while fresh blood is drawn into that area.
This ancient chineese theraphy has many advantages, especially if you are not a big fan of needle acupuncture or just like to combine different techniques.
A few more examples of what cupping can help you with:
Energetic blockages (prana/Qi), muscles tension, having a cold, allergies, weak blood circulation, contouring the face and body, cellulite reduction, skin toning, spider veins, edema, relaxation and general well-being.
Addiction/Health Session
A counseling session can help you get support and guidance during a challenging period of your life. During the sessions I will focus on empowering you to begin making small positive steps toward change.
I often work using Harm reduction, which is a set of practical strategies and ideas aimed at helping reduce negative consequences associated with drug use and/or unhealthy habits. Changes can be difficult and we will work together from 'where you are at'.
Price list (additional cost for healing room appointment)
- Private yoga session: $150
- Private Reiki session: $130
- Private skype session: $75
- Ayurvedic/Aromatheraphy bodywork: $350
- Alternative theraphy session: $1 -150 *
* You can choose one or more alternative treatments in one session, based on your needs and interest. Contact me for details.
Cancellation policy
All private sessions will be fully charged if no cancellation has been given latest at 5pm on the day before scheduled session
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