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Practicing yoga and meditation from various teachers around the world, I accidentally came across Helena Schouenborg. Attending her classes, I was able to combine yoga and meditation while receiving tips on living a healthy and productive lifestyle. Helena is not just a yoga teacher, she also becomes a dear friend and partner in the path to achieving our goals, may it be calming our mind, achieving that head stand or just being in the moment. A friend bought me a class to one of Helenas Vinyasas class and ever since I have been thankful for the great gift. I have to say, that the time that I shared my yoga practice with Helena, I have not only learned tremendously, however, I saw results, physical, biological and in my everyday class. I definitely recommend taking Helena's classes, as you will be yearning for more every time

Amin Yakubov

New York, USA

"I found Helena as I was searching for someone that could work with me while understanding my special needs. Firstly, I was drawn to Helena because she is conscious of not only what goes on with the physical and energetic bodies, but what goes into the body as well. Helena's knowledge is truly 360 degrees and for a person who follows a disciplined lifestyle as I do, it can be hard to find someone that understands what it takes to achieve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual goals, particularly as a regimen to find balance and well-being in the midst of dis-ease. 
Helena can provide whatever a person may be looking for. It doesn’t matter what one’s goals may be, Helena and Nimbah Yoga are absolutely able to help guide you along the path that is right for you. I have breast cancer and have chosen to heal my body through alternative and holistic methods. Chief among these methods is the importance of keeping the body healthy with rich, oxygenated blood and energetically balanced. With Helena’s knowledgeable guidance in yoga, meditation, and energy work, an overall uplifting of my spirit has been achieved and I have been able to reverse and improve my condition. 
Helena is a caring and compassionate energy worker, and she never loses sight of the importance of balance - mind, body, and spirit. I will without a doubt recommend Helena and Nimbah Yoga to anyone, no matter their personal or professional goals" 

Christina Bazzaroni

California USA

"Helena is a yogi approaching her work and life from a pure, caring and nonjudgmental space. Helena's gift, knowledge and patience make even the most novice yogi feel at ease and comfortable getting to know their own practice. Helena is an amazing reiki master as well. I speak from experience as Helena's reiki style has successfully removed a perpetual knot from my shoulder! I highly recommend Helena and Nimbah yoga to anyone looking to associate and practice with an honest and pure soul"

Stefanie Stannard

New York, USA

I practiced yoga with Helena for over a year and she is an amazing teacher. She knows how to strike the right balance between encouraging students to take risk in their practice and making them safe. Her knowledge of yoga poses, modifications and safety is unparalleled, and she is wonderful at communicating the information to her students. This helps people at many different levels practice together in harmony. I was always cripplingly terrified of inversions due to an earlier injury and she helped me take steps in overcoming that fear. Her class never failed to make me feel at peace and happy, no matter how challenging the actual poses were or what other stresses were going on in my life.  She acts as friend and supporter to all her students when they need it. I have seen them blossom and become empowered in their practice. I would recommend Helena as an instructor to anyone interested in yoga.

Inna Tabansky

New York, USA

Helena is a an incredibly caring and knowledgeable yoga instructor. Her support helped me to explore my physical and mental limits, and in many cases break through long-standing barriers, allowing me to become not only a stronger yoga practitioner, but also a stronger person. I'm so grateful that I was able to share part of my journey with her. 

Megan Pecht 

New York, USA

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