Nimbah निम्ब, is the Sanskrit word for the neem tree, which symbolizes 
"good health". It is also referred to as the "life giving tree".
A tree represents the connection between all aspects of life on earth and in the yoga tradition, Vrksasana or tree-pose represents the nature.
This pose always reminds me to stay grounded, strong, open and free.
My background is rooted in alternative therapy. I hold a degree in addiction counseling and throughout the years I have worked as a harm reduction specialist, a chef, an ear acupuncture and cupping practioner, an ayurveda massage therapist, sound healer, reiki healer,  meditation guide and an artist. Over the many years I  have collected many titles, and none of them really matter. I like to melt all my experiences and studies together and help you the best way possible. Intention is the keyword in healing whether it is yoga, reiki or counseling. 
A PERSONAL TOUCH: Around the age of 14 I came across a yoga book on my mother's bookshelf. I found it fascinating with all the funny poses and looked down at my toes thinking I had a long way to go to reach them.
My mother took me on many trips, showed me the many different cultures and perspectives in the world and these journeys made me understand how important it was to use my senses such as feeling, touching and seeing, to experience the world in front of me. At the age of 16, I lost my mother and promised myself to keep exploring the world in her memory. I decided that one day I would travel to India and start my own yoga chapter.
Years passed where I was faced with many challenges and had a hard time finding a balance that would serve me well. 
Yoga became my lifesaver - my medicine - ever since I have entertwined my yoga practice with alternative healing therapies.
MY LOVE FOR INDIA: In 2008 I finally realized my dream by visiting India for the first time. I practiced yoga wherever I went and took my Ayurvedic massage training. In 2010 I returned to attend a traditional Hatha yoga teacher training at a Jain ashram and visited Tihar jail rehabilitation clinic and other addiction centers in India and Nepal. 
In 2012 I returned to India and spent 2 months in an intensive training where I studied yoga therapy and Ayurveda at The Ayurveda Hospital in Tamil Nadu.   
I came back with the bag full of new knowledge but I needed a western touch on my yoga practice and teaching, so in 2013 I attended another advanced teacher training with Ana Forrest in New York City and again later a Yin yoga teacher training with Istha Yoga. 
In 2014 I moved to Côte d'Ivoire, West Africa and opened my first yoga studio along with teaching yoga classes at the United Nations mission. 
During the stay in West Africa I revisited India twice as well as Singapore, where I deepened my ashstanga practice and teachings with Kino MacGregor, Tim Feldmann and Saraswathi Jois. 
I love being a student and I find it important to keep studying and attending courses that I believe will serve my clients and I. 
Today, I have taken multiple trainings and taught for Asana Alphabet (children yoga),The Prison Yoga Project (Taught at Riker´s Jail facility) and coordinated a Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga program for the New York Kayak Company.  
TEACHING APPROACH: I guide my students through a personalized approach inspired by different yoga traditions and various influences from my working experience around the world.

I guide my students through breathing techniques, alignment exploration, hands-on assistance & the teaching of relaxation through meditative healing moments.

I encourage my students to find space for presence, joy and healing; moments that inspire a happy, healthy and balanced life. 

IN GRATITUDE: I thank my clients and students from the bottom of my heart for their dedication, patience and hard work. Without you, I would never have been able to grow in the direction that I have.
We shape our surroundings. Spread LOVE and find SPACE for PEACE.
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